Do you want to do a backcountry canoe trip  in the Canadian Rockies, but can't bring all the gear with you ?

WildCurrent Outfitters has everything you need for an outfitted canoe camping trip along the shores of Maligne Lake in Jasper Canada.   This is a service we provide to people THAT HAVE ALREADY BOOKED THEIR CAMPSITES WITH PARKS CANADA. Campsite booking begins in late January for the Summer season , and it's competitive process. please  plan your trip  and get your camp sites right away! Then give us a call!

For the 2017 season we have two tent pad sites at Hidden cove on Maligne Lake for July 15 & 16 as well as July 27 & 28.  Please contact us today if you are interested in a family canoe adventure on Maligne Lake .

We are conveniently located in the town of Jasper and will bring your gear and Voyageur Canoe right to the dock at Maligne Lake.

All of our standard  Canoe Packages include a routing session prior to the trip. The routing session will cover how to use the equipment that comes with this particular package, how to paddle and pack a canoe, and where to find Parks Canada designated campsites. We will even show you our favourite fishing spots. Don't forget you license!


Meeting place: 

Maligne Lake  boat launch

Duration: 2-5 day  

Level of difficulty:

Not suitable for beginners. This one is for experienced canoeists.

4-8 passenger Voyageur Canoe is great way to travel with a family or group of friends. 

2-3 person canoes are also available



2 Days -one night-$525.00

3 Days- two nights $585.00

Wild Current also has two tent pads reserved  July 14 &15 and July 27&28 at Hidden Cove on Maligne Lake

Contact us today for details

4  Day-three nights- $600.00



  • 24' Voyageur Canoe, Paddles, Safety Gear, Life Jackets
  • Outfitting Tarp
  • Ground Cloth
  • Dry Packs
  • Bear Rope and Extra Rope
  • Mess Kit: Cookware, Utensils, Washing Station
  • Dish Soap, SOS pads, Dish towels, Pot Holder
  • Misc. Items: Matches, Mess kit, Clean up, Fire Starter, Toilet paper, Cooking Kit
  • Water Jug, Stove & Fuel, Fire Grate
  • Folding Saw, Axe
  • Routing Session, Map of Maligne Lake
  • Tent and Sleeping bag rentals available